Data Policy CRC - Attachment 3

Information collected by the Controller for which interests

Data typeInterest/purposeMandatory
First name/SurnameUniquely identify personsYes
Additional names
  • First name – phonetic
  • Surname – phonetic
  • Middle name
  • Alternate name
Notification Templates for message personalizationNo
UsernameUniquely identify personsNo
Email address
  • Communication with users (Data Subjects)
  • Feedback
  • Unique identifier
For specific groups1
Email displayCommunication with users (Data Subjects)No2
Gender (sex)Statistical purposesNo
Date of birthAvoid double recordsYes
Personal numberUniquely identify personsNo
CountryStatistical purposesNo
  • County
  • Municipality
  • City/town
  • Statistical purposes
  • Delivery of goods
AddressDelivery of goodsYes
Postal codeDelivery of goodsNo
Time zone
  • Statistical purposes
  • Training purposes
  • Communication with users (Data Subjects)
  • Feedback
  • Unique identifier
  • Mobile
  • Additional phone
  • Fax no.
  • Web page
  • Work phone
  • Communication with users (Data Subjects)
  • Unique identifier
  • Organization
  • Department
  • Position
Statistical purposesNo
  • Job standing
  • Last job standing
Statistical purposesNo
  • Institution
  • Diploma no.
  • Diploma specialty
  • Diploma issue date
  • Diploma serial no.
  • License no.
  • License issue date
  • License serial no.
Statistical purposesNo
User pictureIdentify the person in the coursesNo
List of interestsStatistical purposesNo
Aspirational positionStatistical purposesNo
Skype IDStatistical purposesNo
PasswordLogin securityYes
New passwordLogin securityNo
Preferred languagePresenting information in a familiar languageNo
Membership historyStatistical purposesNo
Courses history
  • Certificate justification
  • User feedback and quality control on trainings
Course appraisal results
  • Creation of Certificates
  • Statistical purposes
Certificates status
  • Certificate justification
  • Delivery of certificates and recertification
Registry of orders
  • Complete pending orders
  • Provide an overview of past orders as a service to the customers
Event place and historyVisualize events managed by the ControllerYes
Course Survey dataQuality control of coursesYes
Video data
  • Identify the person in the courses
  • Course appraisal purposes and quality assurance
  • To ensure the chosen teaching method.
  • Video surveillance allows you to evaluate the training process for a larger number of experts.
  • Do not cause additional stress in training for participants.
  • Trainers and instructors have the opportunity to monitor, evaluate and correct their actions.

1Instructors, Instructor Candidates, Coordinators, Course Directors, Educators.

2Additionally the Data Subject can choose to share or not his e-mail with course members.